Who the heck is Laurissa, anyways?

Aloha world!

My name is Laurissa. Feel free to call me Laurri.

I’m passionate about health and wellness, and I am always on the lookout for beautiful products that serve my healthy lifestyle. I often get questions from people wanting to know more about the health and beauty products I use, and that has inspired me to start a blog about it.

I am pretty picky about the things that make it into my daily routine. Whatever I am consuming or using, I want it to be natural and from the earth, with as little processing as possible, and never any harsh chemicals.  If it supports the environment or somehow helps make the world greener, I love it even more!

When I find something that really changes or contributes to my life in a positive way, I feel compelled to share it with others so they can experience the same benefits. I hope you’ll stumble upon some goodies here that will improve your life.

Thanks for checking out my website, enjoy!