Makeup Without Harsh Chemicals

About 2 years ago I decided to get rid of all the products I use that have harsh, fake chemicals and harmful ingredients in them. I pretty much became an ingredients-list-detective, and I realized there were some nasty things hiding in the makeup, and hair & body products,  I was using, some which are known carcinogens!

It’s important to be aware of what we’re putting in and on our bodies, and I was pretty horrified to realize that I’d been putting toxin–ridden makeup on my face every day for years. The toxins add up over time, especially if we’re not taking regular actions to detoxify, and this can lead to low energy, unhealthy skin, or illness.

I went into my makeup bag and one by one, tossed everything out. I researched companies that made clean, safe makeup free of harsh chemicals, watched hours of youtube videos made by health enthusiasts, and read hundreds of reviews. I want to share with you what’s in my makeup bag now, and why I feel good about it.


The Living Nature medium corrector tint is a lightweight, medium coverage concealer that works beautifully and looks very natural.

I also use the Pacifica Transcendent Concentrated Concealer sometimes as well, when I want more coverage. It is a bit thick, and I find that this works well under the eyes for brightening up dark circles, and on the eyelids as a primer for eyeshadow, or just for brightening up the whole eye area. You can find it online, or look for it at your local Whole Foods Market.

Liquid Foundation

Sappho Organics’ Liquid foundation is a gem among foundations and I will be very sad if this company ever discontinues this product. It covers very well and evens out skin tone brilliantly, and is made from beautiful ingredients that are good for skin. It is made by a Canadian company, so I had to purchase it online.

Powder Foundation

Aubrey Organics’ foundation powder can be used on it’s own, or as a finishing powder to set your liquid foundation. It’s light -medium coverage, and evens out my skin-tone nicely. Watch out for “mineral foundations” because sometimes they can include synthetic ingredients that are trickily and vaguely labeled as “minerals.”


I also use blush from Aubrey Organics. They have different shades. This one looks the most natural.


I’ve tried lipstick from many different “natural” companies, and nothing compares to Red Apple Lipstick. If you’re looking for gluten free makeup, and lipstick without harsh chemicals, you will love Red Apple Lipstick too! They have a huge selection of colors, their lipstick feels smooth and silky on the lips, and they actually smell really good – unlike most other lipsticks I’ve tried that always have that chalky, toxic smell. If you want to learn more about the chemicals found in most makeup, there is information on their website to educate the public about the toxins hiding in makeup and how it affects our health.


My lashes became short and stubby after a few months of using a certain Revlon mascara every day, and I knew I had to switch things up. But If you’ve been searching for a natural mascara for very long, you probably already know the struggle.. Some mascaras have great ingredients, but leave you looking like a sad raccoon within an hour of application. I wanted a mascara that won’t flake or smudge, will stay put on my lashes where they belong, and won’t damage them.

And that brings me back to Red Apple Lipstick, because they have a fantastic mascara as well!  It’s called The Lash Project, and is advertised not only as a mascara but as a “lash conditioner.” It’s got lots of good oils in it to nourish your lashes, preventing them from drying out and breaking. It doesn’t smudge or flake off, it’s gentle enough to wash off with water, but won’t melt off easily with sweat and humidity. I admit it costs a little more than I would like to pay for mascara, but I believe it’s the best option for natural mascara on the market right now.

Eye Shadow

Okay, I guess (if you can’t tell) if I had to pick a favorite makeup brand, it would be Red Apple Lipstick. For lipstick, mascara and eyeshadow, this company is my go-to.

They have a great selection of eye shadows and you can create a custom pallet. They have more natural, subtle colors, to bright and bold. I use these eyeshadows wet and dry. I use a light shade of brown to fill in my eyebrows, and a darker brown or black as eyeshadow. Sometimes I get my eyeliner brush a little damp and use it as a liquid eyeliner / paste. It works so well!  I’ve had the same pallet for over a year now, and even with regular use I have a long way to go before they will run out.


100% Pure is a company that uses natural ingredients such as berries, teas and beets to get the color in their products. How cool, right? I use their black tea liquid eyeliner, and I’ve got to say, it’s awesome. The brush tip is thin and flexible so you can really create the line that you want, it stays on well and doesn’t flake off. This eyeliner has lasted me months!


That’s it! I encourage you to keep your eyes open and pay attention to the ingredients in the products you use, especially if you’re putting them in or on your body. What are your favorite brands for natural makeup?


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