Henna & Indigo, the Best Natural Hair Dye

Asnatural-black-hair-dye I sit here at my computer, my hair is all piled on top of my head soaked with henna, and saran wrap is carefully wrapped around my head keeping it all in place. There’s henna on my eyebrows too. I look a little frightening, and I have the bedroom door locked even though I know that no one will be home for another few hours.. just to be safe.

I owe all of the compliments I ever get on my hair to this henna routine that I do every 3 or 4 weeks. The application process can be a little messy if I’m not careful, and not everyone is a fan of the henna aroma, but it’s so worth it.  If you’re looking for natural hair-dye that won’t harm your scalp or hair, you’re going to want to check out henna.

Henna at a glance:

Henna is an herb that releases a powerful red dye when heated, which can be used on skin or hair. It’s all natural, just one pure ingredient, and it works wonders on the hair. It conditions the hair and makes it shiny, soft, manageable, and thicker. Henna can be used on all hair types to dye the hair red, brown or black.  It’s strong enough to cover up grey and white hairs, and is the perfect natural alternative to chemical hair-dyes.


Where does Indigo fit into the picture?

Another herb called indigo can be mixed with henna to create different colors and shades of hair dye. Henna alone will create a very deep red tone, but mixed with indigo you can create light-medium brown shades deepening all the way to raven black. Since I want a dark brown color and not a bright red, I always mix indigo with henna.

Henna and Indigo combined work so well to dye hair black, it seems silly to me to use any other hair-dye! Certainly some people may want a very particular color of hair that they can only achieve through chemical dyes, but if you want black hair just use henna and indigo! It’s all natural, and has none of the harsh chemicals found in regular hair dyes, and it’s so deep, shiny and beautiful, it almost has a slightly natural blueish tint in the sunlight.

Why my hair loves it!

I originally started dying my hair because I wanted to cover up grey and white hairs that started to come in at a very young age for me, not to mention the sun lightens my hair a little more than I would like. When my hair has been dyed with henna it stays deep and dark, I can pretend I don’t have any white hairs, my hair is much thicker and overall looks healthier. Henna actually coats the strand of hair and over time with multiple applications, can actually help the strand of hair to become a little thicker, keeping it from breaking as easily. I feel like my hair is stronger and has a better chance of growing out long when I keep it henna’d regularly. I notice such a difference not in the color, but in the overall quality of my hair a couple days after I’ve henna’d. I always know it’s time to do my henna when I start to look a little scruffy and have multiple bad hair days in a row!

Where I get it:

I’ve tried all different kinds of henna, and I think there are many good options, but the one I am sticking to is the Medium Brown by Moroccan Method.  I believe their henna is high quality with no added chemicals or dyes, and I am always happy with my results.  I won’t get into the details of how to apply henna in this post, but Moroccan Method  has plenty of great information about henna and natural hair care on their website.


Have you tried henna before? If so, how were your results? Let me know in the comments below!

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