Sunscreen Foundation For The Face

One day not too long ago I looked in the mirror and realized that my skin just doesn’t look like it did when I was younger. I can’t quite articulate what’s different about it because I don’t get have lines or wrinkles, my skin is just starting to look a little less youthful than I’d like. Since that fateful discovery in the mirror that day, I’ve realized I should be protecting my skin daily from the suns rays, and one of the best ways to keep my skin healthy is to wear sunscreen regularly. I like to tackle numerous things at once, so instead of applying a face sunscreen, and then applying foundation, and then the rest of my makeup – I’ve been on the lookout for a foundation with SPF protection.

I’ve found a product that has been the solution to all my troubles, and what’s more – it smells divine. It is Andalou Naturals Color + Correct lotion. I guess it’s not technically a foundation, but that is how I use it. It does have a slight tan tint to it which evens out my skin tone and gives my complexion an airbrushed look.

Andalou Naturals At A Glance:

  • SPF 30
  • Sheer tint to even out skin tone and act as a foundation
  • Smells beautiful, just like roses – and contains rose oil
  • Vegan, cruelty free, non GMO, gluten free,
  • Comes in different tints and compliments most skin tones
  • Contains no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances

Why my skin loves this stuff:

This has truly become my skins best friend on a lazy day. All I do is apply this to my face and maybe dust on a little finishing powder if I’m feeling fancy, wave my mascara wand through my lashes a couple times, put on some tinted chapstick and I’m good to go. It is light, easy, quick, and I feel good knowing that I am protecting my skin from UVA/UVB rays. And did I mention that this stuff smells good? I’m not a fan of all products that have have natural rose fragrance because sometimes they smell a little fake, (even if they say they’re not) but this one smells very authentic and like the flower to me. Sometimes I apply this when I’m at home just because I love the way it smells, feels and looks on my skin.

Where to get it:

I picked up this little treasure at my local health food store, but I am sure these can be found online.

Over to you! What do you think, do you wear sunscreen regularly? Have you found an all natural foundation with SPF that you love? If so I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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